Writer and editor for businesses, marketing and brand teams, publications, entrepreneurs, nonfiction and fiction needs, and more.

My first official attempt at creative writing occurred in seventh grade, when I was assigned to write a about a learning lesson. I detailed the traumatic and humiliating account of my very first “F” on a test. It was in third-grade history, and I trembled at my desk as my teacher went over the correct answers. I nearly screamed with indignation and relief when I noticed a correct answer marked as wrong, sure that would elevate my grade above the realm of failure; but my teacher simply smirked and added a faint plus sign to my F. 

My seventh-grade teacher didn't pick up on the shame sizzling off this one-page confession and read the story aloud to the class, elevating my embarrassment to undocumented heights. But she also encouraged me to write more. And so I did, sticking to small, autobiographical pieces until I took creative writing courses in undergraduate and graduate school, honing my skills and garnering enough expertise to start my professional writing career. 

Experience and Education

I am always looking to work with bold, exciting brands that are backed by an infectious passion. I am currently the senior copywriter on Minted's brand team, but have worked with marketing agencies, tech companies, entrepreneurs, and other B2B and B2C companies to develop, polish, and/or implement a strong brand tone of voice. 

Experience Overview

  • Ten years of professional experience in writing and editing for an array of brands and creative assets, including branding and marketing collateral, social media, web, nonfiction articles and essays, public relations, proposals, strategic planning, research documents, and fiction pieces
  • Developed internal editorial style guides for a variety of companies
  • Brainstormed and created new approaches for company brand narratives 
  • Trained and managed junior staff and contract writers, as well as outside writing agencies
  • Created and oversaw project schedules and calendars for creative marketing teams
  • Guest writer for Snap, a digital photography magazine with more than 500,000 subscribers

Education Overview

University of San Francisco
M.F.A. in Writing, 2011

University of California, Davis
B.A. in English (Creative Writing emphasis) and Psychology, 2008

Awards and Recognitions

  • Finalist for the Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards for novel excerpt, 2015
  • Runner-up for the Saints & Sinners national short fiction contest and publication in their annual anthology, 2010
  • Departmental Citation for Outstanding Undergraduate Accomplishment in English, 2008
[Danny] is an incredible contributor, strong at building a brand image, and a great communicator. I would hire him in a heartbeat.
— Brenda Ton, Colleague