Email Marketing

My efforts with email marketing includes not only strategizing and executing the content of the email itself, but subject line creation, testing, and revising to improve open rates and click-through rates.  

Minted Email: Fine Art

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I worked with the graphic designer to concept a GIF email hero that would allow us to quickly show all four wall inspiration ideas before breaking them down with situational, romanticized language for each piece. 

Minted Email: Kids' Birthday Party Inspiration 

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The "Real Minted Birthday" email series demonstrates how consumers can incorporate multiple Minted products, in addition to other decor and party inspiration, to throw the perfect kids' birthday party. 

Minted Email: Destination Wedding Stationery

In an effort to reach brides and grooms at all stages of wedding planning, I included an end-to-end approach to our email theme of a destination wedding with copy that puts you in that relaxed, tropical vacation state of mind. 

Inkling Email: Original eBook 

As part of Inkling's Learning & Development-focused campaign, I wrote an original eBook to show how the way we learn at work has changed, and what businesses can do to better train their employees for the modern, mobile world. The eBook would go on to be Inkling's most popular eBook of 2015, with more than half of the downloads coming from new leads. I also wrote the accompanying email and digital assets to promote the eBook. 

Minted Email: Wedding Trends

Proving to Minted customers that our designs are on the forefront of the latest trends is critical to our wedding audience, who not only want to feel like they are creating a unique wedding look, but also want to be guided toward which colors and styles are on-trend for the coming wedding season.