While every project scope is different and may call for its own associated fees, generally my rates are as follows:

Copywriting and Editing
-Includes: Holistic review of project's copy needs, organic writing of any and all necessary copy, review/revision of existing copy, proofreading, etc. 
-Best suited for: Companies, agencies, marketing departments, freelancers, etc. looking for varying levels of help with copy needs, from advertising to websites. 
-Rate: $95/hour

-Includes: Review of copy and edited for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other basic writing mechanics; no heavy revisions or rewriting included. 
-Best suited for: Previously approved and/or highly technical documents, final reviews, "a second pair of eyes," etc. 
-Rate: $70/hour

Nonfiction Writing
-Includes: Determining topic, research, and writing/editing corresponding piece.
-Best suited for: Publications looking for essay/article contributions.
-Rate: $110/hour

Fiction Review
-Includes holistic and sentence-level review of original fiction work, with line edits and more general, narrative feedback.
-Best suited for: Creative writers looking for external feedback on any stage of their short or long fiction. 
-Rate: $150/hour

All rates are subject to change for any given project.