Print Marketing

From catalogs to onsite event collateral, I continue to work on a number of print marketing assets for various campaigns and clients, even as our world becomes more digital-first. 

JAFRA Brand Book

In an effort to reach a wider—and younger—audience, JAFRA came out with a new, more affordable line of makeup called "Vibe." This brand book was developed for JAFRA's most unique audience: their consultants, who must not only buy into and use JAFRA products, but in turn understand how they should be used and how to best sell these products to others. This was Mustang Marketing's first project with JAFRA, and because of its success, we became their go-to marketing agency. I provided all copy for the brand book, working closely with the team at JAFRA to come up with the right (tone and accuracy) language for this exciting new product line. 

PSSI Tradeshow Posters


For PSSI Strategic Television's 35th anniversary, we created these two posters to use at all tradeshows they attended that year, promoting them as an establishment figure in the industry and highlighting all the "moments" they had played a crucial role in bringing to the world's television screens, from infamous boxing matches to memorable Academy Award speeches. 

Inkling's Learning Solutions Event Collateral


For Learning Solutions 2016, Inkling went with a "learning superheroes" theme that carried across a number of digital assets, including an infographic. This fun, yet informative, approach caught on at the conference, and the event organizers eventually went around the conference asking attendees what their superhero name would be. The direct mail received a response rate that was 77% higher than the average response rate for snail mail.

Aera Energy Recruiting Brochure

Aera Energy is one of California's largest oil and gas producers, and as such is always seeking top-level candidates to join their remarkable facility and company culture. They're headquartered in Bakersfield, California, so their recruiting materials need to engage with potential candidates and get them excited about a company that may not be in their dream location. 

Inkling's DevLearn Event Collateral


When Inkling decided to commit to our biggest event activation to date, I knew we needed a headline to match. Enter "Can your PDF do that?"—a straightforward, stake-in-the-ground approach that not only showed off what we do, but what space we occupied. The headline was a hit, and has been used throughout Inkling evergreen marketing collateral ever since. Even now, more than a year later, it's the leading headline for The direct mail piece also garnered a response rate that was 15% higher than the industry average for snail mail.